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Grow In Faith

Bible Study Opportunities

Crown of Life offers a number of different Bible Studies. Whether you are looking for something for your 3 year old or a 93 year old, whether you are new to the faith or a lifelong Christian, we have something for you.  Here is a list of our current opportunities.
Sunday Morning   |   Bottom Line – Wednesday Evening   |   Bible 101
Mary/Martha   |   Senior Teens    |   Daily Bible Study   |   Catechism

Sunday School

Learning about Jesus and His Word is not just for the big people! Jesus loves children and wants them to hear about his love. This program is put together just for the kids! It’s divided into different grade levels.
Children learn songs, do crafts and learn Bible stories. The older students study topics that relate to them. God’s Word is for everyone! Enroll your kids into our program FOR kids. They will learn of God’s love – and have fun doing it!
Sunday   |   9:15 am – West St. Paul   &  10:15 am – Eagan
Gather in Church for devotion before going to classrooms.
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Kids love the outdoors! They need to learn new life skills! Most importantly, they need to see God’s hand in every part of their life! Put all of those things together and you have our Pioneers program! Children in grade school learn everything from camping, cooking, bike safety, orienteering, fire safety and many other things. A devotion from God’s Word begins every meeting with the group, and God’s hand is seen in everything they learn. Come and bring your kids to this rewarding program!
Grey-Line-Vert-2Thursday  |  6:30 pm  |  West St. Paul
Pioneers meets every other Thursday throughout the school year.

Pioneer Events Calendar

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“But as for you, continue in what you have learned and have become convinced of,
              because you know those from whom you learned it…”              2 Timothy 3:14