The Bloodstained Path to God

In Old Testament times, worship was very different from what we know today. This Bible study walks us through the major worship traditions, festivals, and laws of God’s Old Testament people. It’s a fitting study to explore during the season of Lent. Many of these traditions, festivals, and law foreshadowed events in the Passion History of our Lord.
Lesson 1 – February 4: The Day of Atonement
Lesson 2 – February 11: Cleanliness Laws and Lepers
Lesson 3 – February 18: The Tabernacle: Part A
Lesson 4 – February 25: The Tabernacle: Part B
Lesson 5 – March 4: The Priesthood
Lesson 6 – March 11: Sacrifices
Lesson 7 – March 18: The Sabbath, The Spring Festivals
Lesson 8 – March 25: The Fall Festivals

Reformation: Grace, Faith, Scripture

In honor of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, our Synod helped produce the film, A Return to Grace: Luther’s Life and Legacy. As we view the clips from the film, we will deepen our understanding of Reformation history and connect with what our church believes, teaches, and practices today.

The Seven Deadly Sins

What are the seven deadly sins? What makes them deadly – or more deadly than other sins? What benefit is there in studying them? And what does Gilligan’s Island have to do with it all!?

Defenders and Defamers

Lesson 1   |   Lesson 2   |   Lesson 3   |   Lesson 4   |   Lesson 5   |   Lesson 6
Lesson 7   |   Lesson 8   |   Lesson 9   |   Lesson 10

Influencing God’s Children

Lesson 1 – Influences: Past and Present
Lesson 2 – The Importance of Parental Influence
Lesson 3 – Train with the Law and the Gospel
Lesson 4 – Teach Children to Know the Will of God
Lesson 5 – Help Children Improve: Teach Respect
Lesson 6 – Virtues to Instill in Our Children

The Glory of Jesus

Lesson 1 – Jesus and His Disciples in the Upper Room
Lesson 2 – The Counselor Who Comforts His Own
Lesson 3 – The Son Willingly Bows to His Father’s Will
Lesson 4 – Christ Is Rejected by His Own
Lesson 5 – The King Is Condemned for Telling the Truth
Lesson 6 – Jesus on the Cross
Lesson 7 – The Risen One Has Broken the Power of Death
Lesson 8 – The Victorious One Sends His Gospel to the World



Lesson 1 – Laying the Groundwork
Lesson 2 – The Big Picture
Lesson 3 – Chosen in Christ
Lesson 4 – Through the Holy Spirit and the Means of Grace
Lesson 5 – The Certainty of Our Predestination
Lesson 6 – False Teachings on Predestination
Lesson 7 – Applying Our Election to Life

The Word Endures


Lesson 1 – Christian Freedom in the Cause of Reform
Lesson 2 – Teach the World to Children
Lesson 3 – Appreciate the Role of the Old Testament Law
Lesson 4 – Good Works
Lesson 5 – Conversion and the Will
Lesson 6 – Prayer
Lesson 7 – Marriage
Lesson 8 – Lord’s Supper